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Our Happy Families
Yorkie Posh
at Abbyville Farms
Douglasville, Ga.

Kelly Caldwell April 22 at 11:02pm 
Vega is doing soooo well ! She is incredibly smart so we are starting her in puppy classes in a few weeks! We had our first visit with the groomers last saturday.... we have to work with her a bit on that but I have faith that she will get it soon.
She is three pounds and the vets say she probably will not get much bigger than that.
I will keep you posted on her training strides
Kelly Caldwell March 28 at 6:04pm 
Vega fits in so well with our family! We got very lucky with her personality. She is sooo smart!!! I just ordered 3 new interactive toys to keep her little mind working.
She now weighs 3lbs and the vet says she is very healthy. We are still working on potty training. She has accidents here and there but I have hope! 
Jack William Caldwell February 21 at 5:56pm 
Vega has absolutely fit in and stolen our hearts - Thank you! Kelly, Vega, and I met an older couple, Elaine & Jim Riggs, yesterday that had lost their Dachshund (it died) that they had had for several years. They loved Vega so, we told them about YorkiePosh.com Maybe you can give 'em some love! 
 Baby Willow
Georgia  on left, lives in Temple
Chloe lives with Bailiegh in Ga.
Vega lives in N.C.
Doris picking up her baby and taking him to Tenn.
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YorkiePosh baby to yorkiposh27@gmail.com

This little boy lives with the Barrier's in Powder Springs
This little girl went to live with the Long's in Fayetteville
Tink and Gracie Went to live in Temple, Ga.
Beau Lives with the Staats Family in Hampton, Ga.
Sophie lives in Carrollton With the Gaynes Family
This is "Tink" she is from Cash and Brulees litter. She lives in Temple with the Dawes family
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Loki and Thor live in Nashville with the Lovelace family
Bentley on the left lives with Casey
Vega went to live with Jack and Kelly in N.C.

Yorkie Posh's Lola "Goes To School "
Buchanan, Ga.