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Past puppies
Vega lives with
Jack  and Kelly in N.C She weighs around 4 lbs full grown
Georgia has a home with Brittany and Brian in West Ga. She weighs 31/2 lbs full grown
I Only feed my Yorkies Life's Abundance A top quality dog food.  To ensure proper health  of  your puppy I recomend owners to purchase
the same food the puppy is  already accostumed to. You can order  by clicking this link:  
  Life's Abundance Food

Don't forget to use the promo code yorkieposh to  get your discount!
You can't beat the conveinience, you can get the food on autoship so you never have to have to worry about running out of food. Perfect for the busy family!
My Yorkie's are sold as pets not for breeding.  If you are a breeder and require full regisration additional fee's  and pre-requisits will apply.
FAQ:  Why Buy a high quality Yorkie? 
Think of us as a safe place to buy your Yorkie.  There are so many sad stories of dishonest people in the puppy business. There are currently a lot of scams about inexpensive (cheap) Yorkies.  Don’t send your money to them!  My puppies often live 15 years or more. Their quality makes them worth the cost up front.You can find ads in local papers for cheap Yorkies- $400 or $500- often with  APRI  and German registration. Puppy mills often operate with those registries.  If you buy a cheap Yorkie, you may end up paying many times over for the Vet bills on serious health issues like heart or liver, later in its life, not to mention a bad attitude. Liver shunt operations run $5,000, and heart problems can cost your pets life.    Your Yorkie Posh puppy will have it's first round of shots and come with a written health gaurantee.
Puppies with good bloodlines tend to cost more.   

                                                           Yorkie Posh’s  pedigree records are  carefully kept.
                                                        A Yorkie Posh puppy is one you will be proud of!

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4 baby boys

Reserve yours today with a $200 deposit :)

Cash pictured above is the daddy and Brulee is the mom. Pure cuteness!

Sophie as a  sweet baby
Sophie is growing up to be so cute! She lives in Carrollton with Brittany.
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Above is our stud "Cash Casino"
LittleTink is SOLD to Terri in Temple
This Tiny Girl is SOLD!
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This Sweet baby Boy  now lives in Villa Rica with Catina
This baby Boy found his forever home in Woodstock, Ga. with the Wilson Family
Baby Boy SOLD To the Henry's in Fairburn, Ga.
Boy SOLD to Catrice in Ranburn ALA